Recycled Leather for a Better World.

Our leather products are made from rescued deadstock skins, repurposed vintage clothing and upcycled post-production waste. That means for some of our production we actually chop up old leather garments that have reached their expiration date in terms of style and turn them into new beautiful jackets and accessories with a vintage soul. This not only gives the product a soft worn-in feel but also makes it a far more sustainable alternative to the average newly produced leather garment. Other times we use offcuts from the garment industry or rejected skins from the tanneries. An increased number of cut-lines in each garment enable us to use what otherwise would have gone to waste. And it adds character!

Far from fast fashion

Deadwood’s approach is far from fast fashion and anxious design. We will never be about reinventing fashion. Instead, Deadwood sets out to reinvent how we think about fashion. We are about rebooting iconic styles, gently updating them with a modern touch and inspiring customers to buy and wear consciously. Our collections are updated bi-annually and contain a large core of iconic carry-over styles, all in line with our idea of slow fashion.


Are Deadwood leather jackets environmentally sustainable? 

In short, they are better than all the rest!
Deadwood’s leather jackets are made of 100% recycled leather which is our way to contribute to a saner fashion industry. However, the question is difficult to answer since the concept of “sustainability” depends on so many factors. Would it be possible to scale up our production into infinity? No, obviously our production relies on the previous production of leather garments (which is usually quite strenuous on the environment). But we believe it’s always a good thing to make use of existing resources that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Are there any side effects negative for the environment? 

Yes, of course there are. Nobody’s perfect. We are not zero polluting; no business or person is. That being said, compared to a new leather garment from any brand out there (or a garment made from cotton or polyester for that matter), our products are made from 100% recycled leather which cuts the impact on the environment into only a fraction. That’s why we think our project is good for the world!

Why do you produce your garments in India and not in Sweden?

First of all, there is virtually no garment manufacture left in Sweden. Second of all we are happy to be working with our factory in Noida in north India. It’s a fairly small family owned business, thoroughly SMETA-audited by Sedex for working conditions as well as sustainable practices. We have become good friends with the owners and we are impressed by their mindful approach, to life as well as to garment production. No country has it all figured out, but in our eyes India is a wonderful country in many ways. And we would rather contribute to a developing economy than to “aid” an already extremely rich country like Sweden.

What are your working conditions like?

Our working conditions follow practices from internationally recognized Standards of the ILO International Labour Organisation :

1: Employment is freely chosen

2: No discrimination

3: No child labor

4: Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

5: Payment of Living Wage

6: Reasonable Hours of Work

7: Safe and healthy working conditions

8: Legally Binding employment relationship

Do you have any certifications?

For material certificates we are in a tricky position since our idea of leather re-/up-cycling is somewhat rare. Due to the nature of our main material (recycled leather) neither GOTS, nor Bluesign is applicable. When it comes to Fair-trade this is all about paying farmers fair wages, but since our materials are sourced among offcuts and production waste Fair-trade certification goes out the window as well. Our R-PET lining fabric is GRS-certified (Global Recycle Standard).
Again, nobody’s perfect and we’re no exception - but we think we’re onto something important and it feels great doing it!