Spotlight on the Retailer

Our retail partners are our ambassadors, true heroes that share our mission to customers and fans all over the world. We love to lift them up and share their story and vision. Each month we invite a new retailer into the spotlight.

Rough Riders

Ghent, Belgium


Emelie & Marte, twin sisters who love fashion, traveling, food, photography and interior design, started Rough Riders with a clear vision: to do something different.

"Our mom raised us as two independent women, so us starting a business together was not a big surprise. We have been working together in retail for the past 5 years now so we decided to join forces and start this new adventure together."

With Rough Riders, the sisters' dream has come true. "Our main focus has always been on how we can differentiate ourselves from the other clothing stores. We do this through our unique range of timeless, (mostly) ecological and/or ethical, exclusive yet affordable brands and the cozy interior of the store."

Rough Riders sell brands that are carefully selected from all the corners of the world. Most of them can still not be found in the streets of Ghent and some aren’t even sold in Belgium or Europe.

"We are very aware of the environmental problems and care a lot about organic and sustainable fabrics, good working conditions and the efforts of the brands we sell. We want to make this world a better place".

In addition to the many brands in our store, Rough Riders also offers its own ecologically responsible clothing line: from basics to unique pieces in collaboration with Ghent creatives.

You can visit Rough Riders' website here.