Mycelium Collection

Fantastic Fungi

In the spring of 2023 Stockholm-based Deadwood is launching the world’s first ready-to-wear capsule collection made entirely in Fine Mycelium™. Extracted from the Reishi fungus, a network of fungal thread is grown to form this incredible vegan material – one that shows many similar properties to leather but adds a unique earthy quality.

The unisex capsule consists of a statement coat, a vest, a jacket and a bag – All in a natural warm golden-brown color. The capsule will be made to order, and each piece will be constructed in XV Production’s atelier in Sweden.

Cactus collection

"Every square centimeter of this material is a work of art itself, and Nature is the artist. I just love the raw quality of the surface with its organic formations of spots and specks. That’s what perfection looks like to me."